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Source: Bourgogne Wine Board

Key figures 2020 for Bourgogne wines in the UK
The leading market by volume for Bourgogne wines
The second-biggest market in terms of revenue for Bourgogne wines

Exports: 16.36 million bottles (up 9.6% over 2019), worth €164 million (up 12.4%)
of which by volume :

► Still white wines: 82%
► Still red/rosé wines: 14%
► Crémant de Bourgogne: 4%

In 2020, Bourgogne wines accounted for 12% of the total volume of French AOC wine exported to the UK for 16% of the revenue.

As we wait for the new rules related to Brexit to be introduced, the UK increased its wine imports in 2020, up 8.3% by volume and 1.2% in terms of revenue compared to 2019. This was particularly beneficial for French wines, which reclaimed market share and were up 6.6% by volume and 0.7% in terms of revenue compared to 2019. 

  •  2020: An excellent year for Bourgogne wines after a strong performance in 2019

In 2020, Bourgogne wines confirmed their return to this market after two years of decline (see graph on the complete press release downloadable below):
► Up 9.6% by volume compared to 2019 (an increase of 1.4 million bottles)
► Up 12.4% in terms of revenue (up €18 million)

In 2020, Bourgogne enjoyed the second-best growth for any French AOC winegrowing region in terms of revenue. Among these regions, Bourgogne showed the greatest increase in revenue, up €13.6 million compared to 2019.

Bourgogne also showed the second-best growth by volume for French white-AOC-producing regions, up 1.02 million bottles.

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Source: Bourgogne Wine Board

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