In these series of interviews I will interview many enthusiastic people who are involved in the canned wine business.

With whom do I have the pleasure of speaking?

Andrea Holz, Head of Sales and Operations.

What is your background in wine?

I have started in the canned wine industry with RICH when I was 18 years old after finishing my secondary school specialising in Economics and Finance. I achieved my Business bachelor’s degree from Munich and New York City. Five and a half years later I am still going with a passion, thrive and determination greater than ever especially after we were able to expand with RICH into a number of new markets and continuing to expand our global footprint substantially. We are thrilled to be sponsoring the upcoming National Film Awards in London with our company. I am now responsible for leading the sales operations department with a focus on the UK market. My role includes overseeing all of the business activities and for driving sales efforts in order to enhance the business’ position with consumers and to solidify the position of the business in the canned wine market.

How would you describe your wine in a can?

Short but sweet? RICH is a luxury, made convenient. Our sustainable canned vegan secco provides luxurious flavour. A premium sparkling Italian wine delivers on taste as well as lifestyle making it the ideal go-to drink for our customers as the perfect treat at the end of the day or at your next event without compromising on quality.

Why are you in the canned wines industry?

I never really planned to be in the canned wine industry and what many people don’t know is that I am also working in Supply Chain for a Technology Company for the past two years but my heart does beat for RICH day and night! I cannot imagine not being part of the RICH family and continuing to disrupt the global canned wine market. And why I am in the canned wine industry in particular.. so a major advantage of cans is a reduced carbon footprint – aluminum has far higher recycling rates than glass, and the carbon effect of shipping lighter containers is significant. We at RICH thrive to produce and consume as sustainable as possible hence this is personally a very important aspect for me.

Another aspect is that I recognize huge potential for the canned wine industry as consumers are becoming more aware of how high the quality can remain in aluminum and the taste is even better than from a bottle in my opinion. As an example, the advantage of canned wine is faster chilling. This makes cans a good choice for picnics, concerts in the park and drinking by the pool, where glass is most likely prohibited.

How do you see the future of canned wines?

Well I can’t wait for the day when Prosecco in particular RICH Prosecco will overtake Champagne! (She said with a big smile on her face).

Over the past few years, there has been a rise in the popularity of Prosecco, especially canned secco. With years of record-breaking sales, it is believed that Prosecco is well on its way to overtaking champagne as the most popular choice of sparkling wine. While often compared to Champagne, Prosecco wines are made with a different set of grapes and an entirely different winemaking method. It is usually produced in a dry, brut style but its fruit flavours give it a sweeter flavour that makes it an easier drink.

When it comes to food pairing, RICH Prosecco is versatile and tastes well with a wide range of dishes from different cuisines. Not many wines can be served before and also work well with the main course, but RICH Prosecco does that perfectly. Because of its sweet aromatics and bubbles, the drink matches well with spicy dishes and Asian cuisine.

Once again, given the sustainability aspect, I think that canned secco is the way to go.

Drink RICH. The most delicious, vegan and sustainable premium secco in a can.  And thank you for being here today Dennis! It was a pleasure. Stay happy, healthy and sparkly.

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