Innovative solutions, that’s what the wine world will take further. Talks about sustainability are no longer a trend or must have, no, all companies will have to adapt their processes to this. One to a greater extent than the other, but there is no chance of escape. Effective solutions in the vineyard and in the winery will contribute to this.

But you also have to think outside the box when it comes to packaging a product. Why is wine always in a 0.75 glass bottle?
In some counties the Bag-in-Box has failed in the past, too big, leaking tap and especially wrong marketing aimed at the masses with poor quality wines.

There are new developments, as many of you know, I am fully engaged in sustainability and alternative packaging, so time for cans, bag-in-box and new age bottles!

Some time ago I became acquainted with the company ‘When In Rome’.
This UK firm sources its wines from real authentic winegrowers from Italy. Traditional family businesses that realize that things must and above all can be done differently! They are very active on their social media to create an experience. The packaging design, overall branding and website also reflect a new era for wine. As I know their canned wines, see below.

At When in Rome they show where the wines come from and the alternative packaging is pure and only as packaging. Do you fancy 1 to 2 glasses? Or are your friends coming to visit? And don’t you want to waste wine and must the packaging be sustainable? Then you’ve come to the right place!

The wine is the same and can be bought in cans or in small 2.25 liter Bag-in-Box.

And they also have an new innovation, a paper bottle! Amazing!

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