With whom do I have the pleasure of speaking?

Julien TOUBOUL, general manager / oenologist of la Maison Rigal since 2017

What is your background in wine?

I have started working in the wine industry as quality manager at La Chapelle d’Armentières for almost 2 years before my 6 year-experience as a wine buyer at Carrefour.

How would you describe your wine in a can?

A blend of two grape varieties from Gascony: Colombard with notes of citrus and exotic fruits (grapefruit, passion fruit) assembled with Sauvignon that brings complexity and elegance. A fruity and lively wine that you can take everywhere and drink on various occasions.’’

Why are you in the canned wines industry?  

According to wine intelligence, consumers are becoming more aware that transporting glass bottles comes with a carbon footprint, therefore, are seeking for more sustainable alternatives.  canned wine concept by Maison Rigal is driven by consumer demand for portability and convenience.

La Maison Rigal
la Maison Rigal

How do you see the future of canned wines?

Regarding the future for such packaging alternative for wine, it is definitely a bright one.  We were aiming for the English speaking countries in the beginning (UK, Canada) and our very first purchase order was for a Greek chain store.  Who would have imagined!  We are on out way of gaining new clients, those from New Wold wine producing countries who were rarely interested by our main production like the AOC Cahors red wine.

Our Pygat Colombard-Sauvignon is produced in Gascony from indigenous grape varieties of South-West France. Tasting notes along with wine & pairing suggestions complete the description. #onedose #sharingiscaring #pleasure #ohlala

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