On January 15th, AFWCโ€™s All Americas Competition was held at Florida International University Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management with noted judges such as writer Peg San Filippo, sommelier Jenn Schmitt, educator and reviewer Ray Sholes, restaurateur Angelo Romano, writer Sunny Fraser, sommelier/consultant Ervin Machado, and writer/publishers/vintners Sara and Monty Preiser. All spend hundreds of hours every year evaluating wines and chose the varietals below as Best of Class and Best of Show. 

Unfortunately I couldn’t be there, AGAIN, due to high infection rates and the travel restrictions. But the results are no less impressive! What great wines! A deep bow to Shari and the entire team! Job well done!

Below are the results. 


  • Sparkling:  N/V Breathless, Late Disgorged Brut, Russian River ($59)
  • White:  2019 Bee Hunter Semillon, Anderson Valley ($42)
  • Red:  2019 Silver Spur, Aglianico Comanche County, Texas ($59)     
  • Dessert:  2019 Ferrante Vidal Blanc, Ice Wine Grand River Valley, Ohio ($30)   


  • Cabernet Franc: 2016 The Winery at SF, North Coast ($40)
  • Cabernet Sauvignon: 2018 Ehret Family, Hillside Reserve, Knights Valley ($115)
  • Chardonnay: 2019 Bee Hunter, Anderson Valley ($60)
  • Dessert: 2019 Ferrante Vidal Blanc, Ice Wine Grand River Valley, Ohio ($30)
  • Other White Single Varietal: 2019 Bee Hunter Semillon, Anderson Valley ($42)
  • Other Red Single Varietal: 2019 Silver Spur, Aglianico, Comanche County, Texas ($59)
  • Petite Sirah: 2019 Bricoleur, Redwood Valley, Fountaingrove District, Sonoma ($55)
  • Pinot Noir: 2019 Papapietro Perry, Pommard Clones, Russian River Valley, Runner up, Best of Show ($80) 
  • Red Blend: 2019 Zina Hyde Cunningham, Redwood Valley, Zin & Petite Sirah ($48)
  • Riesling: 2020 Winery at Black Stone Farms, Arcturos, Dry Riesling ($17)
  • Sparkling: N/V Breathless, Late Disgorged Brut, Russian River ($59)
  • Syrah: 2018 VIE, Canihan Vineyard, Sonoma ($45)
  • White Blend: 2018 ONX Estate, Field Day, Paso Robles, SB, Viognier, & Grenache Blanc($20)
  • Zinfandel: 2020 Ehret Family, Knights Valley, Sonoma ($60)

According to Shari Gherman, certified Somm and president of the AFWC, “Panels of independent judges who taste wine, as these people do, are able to arrive at non-biased conclusions that benefit the consumer and the entire industry.” She went on to cite the Texas winner as an example. “Silver Spur is a small winery in a state not known for top wines, but it won Best of Class for โ€œother red single varietalโ€ AND Best of Show Red. You can bet that it would not have won either but for blind tasting.” 

Chief Judge and Judging Coordinator, Greg Miseyko, level 4 WSET, said: โ€œOnce again, our judgesโ€™ talent and the integrity of our process has turned up another set of brilliant wines for the public to enjoy.  People should order several of these winning wines directly from the wineries, including a few from the unexpected states.  They will impress your friends.โ€

Judge Monty Preiser said, “Each of these winners is special, and fairly priced. The consumer should run to find them.”

I’m looking forward to the invitational of January 2023 and fingers crossed that we can cross the ocean for a great competition!

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