The Tommasi Estate, know for the famous and fabulous Amarone celebrates its 120th anniversary with the announcement of an exciting new investment in 15 hectares located in the Etna Rosso and Etna Bianco area.

Press release

”The Tommasi family has yet to give a name to this new property. «For 120 years we have had the ambitious goal of telling the story of Italy through its winemaking heritage and we are therefore proud to be considered among the best Italian wine ambassadors,” says Executive Director Pierangelo Tommasi. “Today, Etna represents one of the most interesting and exciting wine territories both from a production and business point of view. We are proud to be able to add this appellation to our portfolio with the others that we already represent, such as Valpolicella Classica, Lugana, Montalcino, Vulture in Basilicata and Manduria in Puglia.»  

Executive Director Pierangelo Tommasi

The agreement was signed with the Bambara-De Luca family, historical hoteliers in Taormina. «We have known the Tommasi family for quite some time and we appreciate their family union, combined with industriousness and expertise. These skills allow them to reach objectives beyond the classic Valpolicella area. The Tommasi family has also always had a vocation for the hospitality business, another important point we have in common,” says the Bambara-De Luca family. “We immediately found ourselves on the same wavelength, with a common vision of enhancing the territory and its riches. I am sure this collaboration will give further prestige to the Etna region and to wine tourism in the area.»  ”

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Tommasi IV Generation
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