No or low alcohol is hip and also very sensible. Calories fell and the range of alternatives is growing. Sir is a great player in the field of pre-mix cocktails. James 101!

They have a range of (pink) gin and tonic, mojito and bitter Aperitif. I put it to the test and tasted the range of these non alcohol pre-mixed cocktails!

Sir. James 101 carefully creates the recipes for the alcohol free drinks. They are made by using his experience and the finest ingredients to match the expectations of serious nonalcoholic drinks. Sir. James 101 is aiming for the best flavours only and feels flattered by the many positive received comments.

Gin and tonic

Natural flavours and extracts like juniper and lime were used to make this Gin Tonic alcohol free. This has created an attractive aroma of fresh citrus fruit and botanical herbs like juniper and rosemary. A fresh and soft bitter taste with hints of gin-flavours as you may expect. A pleasant sparkling taste provides a good harmony and balanced aftertaste.


Natural flavours and extracts of spearmint and lime were used to make the basis of this Mojito. But Sir. James 101 went further than this making it a refined drink. Flavours of the brown sugar which is usually added are clearly recognisable in this drink and the taste is full bodied to equal the rum flavour which is used for Mojitoโ€™s with alcohol. The recipe of the Mojito has been created combining many small elements to make it the best alcohol free Mojito youโ€™ve ever tasted.

Bitter Aperitif

Natural flavours and extracts of orange and herbs like rosemary, sage, clove and nutmeg are used to make this drink. This will make you find many flavours while tasting the drink. the aroma is fresh with hints of orange and herbs followed by a fresh bitter taste and a light sparkling finish.
The Bitter Aperitif can be enjoyed like a Spritz drink!

My conclusion? Well made non-alcoholic with a serious character, great alternative if a alcoholic cocktail doesn’t work out for you.

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